Database error

  1. Has anyone else been getting a message about a Database error/database being down, and not being able to get on tPF/tPB? I have been getting it a few times...
  2. YEP! Happened last night and just a few minutes ago!SNIFF..I was in PF withdrawal..LOLOLOL!
  3. just happened 10 mins ago..
  4. ^^^ for me too!
  5. I encountered it as well. It took me a few tries but here I am!:yes:
  6. yes, it happened to me a lot of times!
  7. I spoke to Vlad,

    Could be that the site is over loaded, he will fix it, as soon as he reaches his destination.

    Sorry for any inconveniences !
  8. Oh good to know! It just happened to me, I was in shock :nuts: !! Love the TPF far too much!
  9. Sorry for the troubles ladies, this was an error that was related to bringing the new server online. Sadly, Megs and I were sitting in a car while this went down and I just spoke to the techs who resolved the issue. Should be smooth sailing from here on out!
  10. ^COOL! Thanks Vlad!You rock!
  11. Thanks Vlad!!
  12. I was very very scared! :s
  13. Man~ How addicted are we?:amazed: (myself included!:yes: )
    Megs and Vlad~ you have created monster addictions!:nuts: :graucho: ;)
  14. ^haha. seriously.

    we are addicts of tpf and we need our fixes!
  15. Seriously, it felt like an anxiety attack coming on! I hadn't been on for more than a few minutes when it happened. Some of us older folks can't take it!:wtf: