Data centre jacket in black or white?

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    minus the creepy mask, i'm leaning towards the white. which would you choose?

    also, does anyone know the price?
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  2. I've seen these IRL and they are gorgeous! So sorry I didn't get the price. I was already getting a solid white jacket with silver adornments so all eyes were on my new purchase. My SA showed me both, but I just fell hard for the white/silver one that day. Mine was around $6,500 if that helps at all.
  3. Black for me although I love them both. I tend to wear black more as I'm always afraid of getting white dirty. I'm clumsy.
  4. You can't go wrong with either! They are both stunning. Personally I prefer the black, but I lean towards black over white with nearly everything. GLD!
  5. It is $5750. My preference is the black, but that is just because it looks better on me. I think the white is a bit flashier.
  6. there's just something about that white that sings to me. i have never owned a chanel jacket before, and i think i could wear this one for many years to come. *le sigh*
  7. I loveee both, but I think the black you may be able to get more wear out of as it's not as "obvious" or flashy as the white is. If you're looking for a staple piece, go for the black, if you want a standout piece that you won't wear a lot, go for white. They're both really gorgeous in person :smile:
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  8. If you asked me last year I would say white! But now I would say go for the black as it will prob stand the test of time for longer than white, and also won't show dirtiness or go yellow overtime. After all, chanel is all about the LBJ
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  9. I would get the white one. I prefer the black jacket from paris-rome collections
  10. Black one, more versatile.
  11. i love the paris-rome jacket so much! but i couldn't afford it at the time :sad:
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  12. Its a stunning black jacket isnt it :heart:? I think you can still find it pre-owned if you are open to that route. & datacentre jackets are just another amazing piece, i saw many instagramers rocking them effortlessly. Good luck deciding :flowers:!
  13. Stunning Chanel jacket..Black preferably to wear more than one season. Good Luck
  14. I have the white because it works better for my climate, and it "sang" to me. For the black, the empty spaces on the grid pattern stood out too much for my brain to I already have some great black jackets. The black actually seemed to be more bling than the white because of the contrast. In the end, pick what calls to you! $5750 is a lot to spend (the same as a jumbo!) if you don't love it.
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  15. The white!:heart:
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