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  1. Has anyone ordered from here before? I ordered an Aaneta bag from the about a month ago and JUST recieved it last week. I swear there was a line saying that it WAS returnable but now theyre saying that I can't return it because they don't accept returns on accessories. I absolutely would not buy a $450 bag that I have never seen IRL unless I knew I could return it so I'm wondering if maybe they've gotten fed up with returns on bags and changed their policy in the month since I ordered it...Has anyone had experience with them?
  2. Maybe they changed their policy. I noticed that the Poqueta bag was mentioned here as being returnable, but when I looked it wasn't, and it also said it took three weeks to arrive. Is that the bag you bought by chance? I think -- if you don't like it -- that you should ask if you can return it since that's what is said when you bought it.
  3. i ordered from them quite awhile ago. but i have since noticed that the store is no longer located in florida, the website is different, and i used to have "points" worth $$ off that no longer exist. maybe they have changed ownership?
  4. No, I bought some ugly bag :roflmfao: I seriously remember that I was going to order it from another site with a 25% off coupon but then I saw that there were no returns so I checked here for places that allow returns on bags, checked out the site, saw that it said returns are accepted on handbags in big letters and ordered it. I should have cancelled it when they told me it would take two weeks!

    I already spoke to them. They said they would probably give me a store credit and I started a dispute with my credit card company which I will probably lose since I can't prove what I saw. Look for my bag on eBay I guess! :cursing:
  5. With a help of Archive.org's Internet Wayback machine and the screen capture feature, I was able to take a pic of the page that had the return policy on it. Maybe this will help you.
  6. Way(back) to go, ArmCandyLuvr!