Daszign.com 40% off til Tues. Nov. 28!

  1. Big discount:yahoo: Enter coupon code THREE until Tues. Excludes 7FAM.
  2. wow! great deal. i called revolve to see if they'd match the discount, like they did for daszign's last sale (well up to 30% anyway), but they said they weren't matching it this time.
  3. wowowow thanx soo much!
  4. Thanks for the tip!
  5. Does it include sale items?
  6. I honestly don't know what happened to Daszign. They used to have a lot of great stuff, now their selection is quite limited! I can't find a single thing I want--LOL!

    thumbsupyeah, the code is not applicable to sale items.
  7. ^^^yeah, I've noticed too that their selection gets limitted. They have great deals, but not always a lot of stuff...
  8. I agree great deals and limited stuff! :sad: Oh well!
  9. it works on seven for all mankind. just not sale items.
  10. I agree. It was my favorite store. I live a few blocks away from their store in Staten Island....until they closed. :sad: They had the best in store sales! I am VERY UPSET that they closed.:crybaby: They are focusing on the store they opened in Miami. :cursing: