Dasha Zhukova - another Russian style inspiration

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    I really like her looks too! !Thanks for the pictures spoiled brat!!

    BTW is this a shirt and a scarf that she's wearing? I wonder if this is the collar on her shirt?
  3. ^ no prob, Julide :hugs:
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  5. I've always adored Dasha's style (well, since her and marat broke up). Glad to see a thread of hers here! Thanks for posting, I hadn't see one or two of the pics before
  6. Is Roman Abramovich in the picture with her? if so, he looks good :tup:
  7. Yup thats him :smile:
    they sure are a good looking couple :smile::tup:
  8. These girls are so photogenic! My gosh! Gorgeous girls!
  9. Dasha on the left

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  13. I have this :heart: bag!!!

  14. Thanks for posting! Ah, to be young and rich!
  15. yup shes pretty! how old is she?