Dasha Zhukova - another Russian style inspiration

  1. she doesn't strike me as someone who uses a stylist and, if she does indeed use one, she should get rid of him/her because most of the time (especially since giving birth) she looks awful. even if she did use stylist's help though, I doubt she would ask for them to pick out her clothes for a walk with her hubby while on vacca ...
  2. ^I agree, I don't think Vivienne Westwood would be a strange choice for her, she lives in London, they are fairly iconic (for Westwood) and a great casual boot ;) so I don't think it's a complete stretch :shrugs:
  3. I think she does use a stylist for events and agree she should sack them asap! She looked so much better in 2007-early 2009. She probably doesn't have time with all the events/travel/vacations to shop for all of her "event" clothes, which is why she uses some form of stylist. Everyday clothes is a different story---no stylist there.

    Just my personal opinion, but she loooks rather plain without hair and makeup(like most females). Again, just a personal observation.
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  5. is she married to roman?
  6. I'm pretty sure she isn't :smile:
  7. ^ Wow, not feeling this last outfit and compared to everyone else she looks under dressed
  8. I don't think so either, but she is always cagey when asked. She sometimes wears what looks like a wedding ring on her right hand ring finger, but.....Why wouldn't she just admit to it if they were? It can't be for security purposes because everyone knows they are a couple and have a child together.
  9. Agreed! Natalia looks lovely, though.
  10. Is she having a child ?! :O