Darwin or Glove leather in Roxanne?


Jul 18, 2009
All you Mulberry experts, please tell me your opinion about those two leather types. I´ve been looking for Roxanne and now don´t know which one to prefer. The sellers of Glove leather Roxannes advertise it´s not nearly as heavy as one made of Darwin... Which one do you prefer? Please help me :smile:


Hi. I think it is a very personal choice. It's true that the glove leather is substantially lighter but the downside IMHO is that it is so soft that it loses it's shape. Darwin is very very heavy though but retains the shape. I guess it's decision between comfort and appearance.
Jul 9, 2009
the darwin would be the most classic and iconic- so depends what you want really- ease of use or tradition and look? Resale value of darwin would be higher imo

Mulberry Ellie

'Ells Bells!!!
Feb 15, 2009
Cotswolds, UK
I think Blue & Elvis have nailed the differences in one hit!

Perhaps your choice of colour will drive which you go for.............current Roxannes are only available in oak, choc & black NVT but if you are open to "used" then you get a wider choice. (always have authenticated by TPF).

I love my Oak NVT and Red Glove Roxys equally.........................so Im no bloody help at all.

Keep us posted, I love a Mulberry dilemma, Ells xx


Feb 12, 2009
West Berkshire (UK)
Ooooh - did someone say ' Darwin ' & 'Roxanne' ... :love::yahoo: ....

I must be honest that I have never seen a Roxy in glove but it sounds like a soft thin leather to me ? Not sure that it would stand up to the robust styling of the Roxy IMHO :shrugs:. Some ladies do not like the saggy bottom that comes with the lighter weight leathers - me being one of them .
My vote would always be for Darwin - but I am a Darwin nerd !!

Have you seen either of them in real life pii ? or do you have the chance to ?


Jan 17, 2010
i have a roxanne in glove leather and i love it! i wouldn't be able to stand the heaviness of the darwin i think. i suppose it depends on whether you want the roxanne to look super structured, or if you don't mind a little softness to it.

here's a photo of my empty roxy...the bottom does sag when it's empty but it's much better once you fill it up :smile:

Jul 9, 2009
The roxy is also available in polished goatskin which is my personal fav leather- it is lightweight but robust and the rain just runs off it- so that could be another option for you- there are some on ebay currently - I think both in emerald from preferred sellers if you wanted to have a look?