Darwin leather and its aging

  1. I have heard about Darwin leather and its aging a lot. Once i have seen 2 years old darwin leather bag that the leather change colour for example oak colour can turn darker unevenly.....and i think that's ugly!

    Now i'm about to purchase a roxanne, but the thing is that i like the way it look when the colour stay the same or at least evenly. Maybe the bag i saw was not a good example tho..So i would like to ask you, how is the darwin leather bag when it has been used for over a few years? or 5 years???? 10 years???
  2. Then I would suggest the Roxanne in a different leather. I have had an Oak Roxanne for 2 years plus and it is vintage looking. It looks beaten up and slouchy and I take immaculate care of it. That is just the way the leather ages. I personally love it like that and it is why I love Mulberry.
    If you are not a fan, I would go for another bag. Many other styles come in different leather that ages better...like the buffalo or napa.
  3. I love the design of Roxanne, but not sure yet i'll love how the leather ages. So, I just wanna make sure how it's gonna bee and so.... Thank you soooo much!!! Your answer is very helpful:tup:
    Then i'll think and find somemore pictures of aged roxanne. Then, i'll decide whether i'll buy it or not:smile:
  4. what about a roxanne in glove leather? Im guessing that will not age like the darwin, although maybe someone who has a glove bag can be more informative?
  5. Are you contemplating the oak Roxanne? I would think that the darker Darwin does not have the same issues with uneven colour change as the oak...?
  6. I was going to suggest going for the choco or black aswell so as to avoid the uneven aging of the oak darwin. You also need to be vigilant with spraying the bag with collonil to avoid watermarks if you get the oak.
  7. Yeah, i think you girls are right. I'll check out the chocolate or vanilla instead. Thanks for your help :tup: