1. Hey,

    Does anyone have experience with this brand? I'm testing out their Dark Circles and De-Puffing Serum as I have really bad dark circles but I'm deciding whether to buy more items from them.

    For people who have/is using this brand, what products do you use from them? How's the performance?

  2. I have the Arovita C cream and REALLY love it. However, I've been told that it's been reformulated, so you might want to try and wait before taking the plunge since if you fall in love with the "old" version it will no longer be available.

    I haven't tried a lot of other Darphin products, but I love the Arovita C cream. If you go to a counter and tell them that you're looking to change your entire skincare routine, they're often happy to give you a bunch of samples to test out.