Darn you damier

  1. I have about $400.00 worth of mall gift cards and credit to use. I purchased a panda pouchette from LV and few days ago and I am still waiting to get it, so my intention was to use the gift card money to buy an extender, maybe a groom or Mc bandeau, and rest for makeup, clothes whatever and call it a day. But, the damier speedy 30 is in my head because for only $220 it could be mine. I have used up all my holiday presents until 2010, so I can use that excuse anymore, so how do I convince my husband?
    I already have a speedy mono 30 so do I really need an damier 30? Help me!
  2. You can never have enough Speedys, lol.
  3. damier is sooo different that mono. i can't help. i'm a terrible influence. but maybe tell him you can buy an accessory but it would only be used so often, a bag is so much more substantial and so much more useful ;)
  4. Go for it......You can never have too many speedies.
  5. Get it now before the price increase ! :graucho:
  6. Go for it!!! Use the Damier in fall-winter and the Mono in spring-summer!
  7. Go for it the damier speedy is great.
  8. If I could get a speedy for $220, my husband would have NO problem with it. It's such a better use of your money. Print out this thread and show him how it makes great financial sense. :graucho:
  9. I'm in the opposite position, I have the damier but I'm dying to get the reg mono one :p Right now the damier speedy is my brown rainydaybag but I think everyone also needs a brown sunnydaybag!!
  10. I love damier. I have the pap 30 and love it so much more than i thought I would. I like damier much better than mono.
  11. I'd get the Damier if that's what you really want :yes:
  12. threaten him with you know what...heh
  13. I would say get it but I am not a fan of damier.
  14. :yes: :yes: :yes:
  15. Maybe when we go to LV I will try it on and remind him again that for only an additional $220.00 I could get it. He has been really supportive with my purse addiction especially since a few bags ago that was going to be it for me for a long time. I keep telling myself that I really don't need a damier 30, just get a pouchette extender, then get the hell out of the store but I can't stop thinking about how close I am in price.