Darn those Hayden-Harnett website pics!

  1. Okay. What on earth?:confused1: I was taking another look at the Margot zipper satchel, and I'll be darned if the spring version of the bag doesn't look quite a bit larger than the fall/winter version!

    Now, there's the newest version, and I could swear that the last time I looked at it it looked much smaller and definitely had to be handheld. This one looks like it can go over the shoulder. Does anyone own this bag and can clear this up for me? Also, I thought I had remembered the measurements being about 12" by 9" and now it says 14"L x 9"H x 4"D.
  2. I so agree with you about their pics. Not just the size - but also every thing I have bought has looked some much nicer in real life. I tell you - our pf snaps might not be as arty or creative as their website shots - but they sure are better sales tools.
  3. They might have changed the size. The Beatrice has grown quite a bit since its introduction.
  4. It does look bigger in that picture (maybe it's just that the model is tiny). I have the older version (the elephant grey one with geometric printed leather) and it actually does fit on my shoulder if I'm not wearing a sweater or anything too thick.
    I'd say the body of the bag itself is more like 12 inches wide though, so maybe the new one is a bit bigger if it's really 14 inches. Then again, I don't have a ruler and I'm not good at eyeballing measurments...so I guess I'm not much help!
  5. I totally agree. I've bought so many more of their bags based on tpf pics. They're so good they're dangerous!