Darn this forum!!!

  1. I swear, I have become possessed since I found this place!! I bought my pochette just last week and now can barely sleep at night dreaming of the PTI I want next! UGH!!! :smile:
  2. It happens... and is bad!!!! Maybe Vlad can start a site for recovery from the addiction :graucho:
  3. Tell me about it...I just found this place on Friday and I already have over 60 posts! I am learning so much and am so excited to see that there are other LV addicts like me!
  4. And your obsession will just keep on getting worst... :roflmfao: Welcome to the board! :amuse:
  5. I'm the same way. Every time I get something I think, oh, it'll be a while until I get something else. Next thing I know, I'm on the phone ordering something else.
  6. welcome! :biggrin: LV is ADDICTIVE and with ppl on the PF, the addiction won't get any better either! lol
  7. I am completely with you on that one. I can't get over how I look forward to checking this forum for updates, news, pictures, etc. It's my first go-to site when I log on now!:love:
  8. Welcome to my nightmare....in a good way.

    I have bought so many bags since joining the PF back in October.

    But I also look more fabulous than ever. LOL :lol:
  9. Welcome the club. The addicted to the purse forum club. There are many of us!!!! Just wait, you'll be buying things left and right, or saving furiously for the next thing!!!
  10. The last couple of weeks I've done nothing but being in this forum. I've had a chance to browse at all the beautiful bags and can't sleep at night trying to figure out how to make money to buy me another bag. I don't work and my DH does not understand my love for handbags--I'm just wishing one day he gets how happy luxury makes me.
  11. Perfectly normal.. I mean, there's a whole community of us perfectly normal people ! ;)
  12. I am totally understanding you!!! Since coming on here my purse addiction has been unreal. When I bought my first LV I hadn't found this site yet....and I was content to just browse around, etc. NOW....I must BUY BUY BUY!
    I am actually selling stuff for my brother-in-law on ebay just to finance the next LV purchase (mono papillon, Damier papillon, or Damier speedy...don't know which one yet)
  13. I told DH this morning that I was dreaming about PF last night and about posting pics of the scarf I got yesterday at Hermes. He said he dreamed about me talking about PF and that we went to LV and got a Speedy. :lol: I wish! ;)
  14. yup, been there.....and still am!

    hee hee
  15. Yeah, we need a therapy bit for when we are "drying out". A support thread would be good!:yes: :roflmfao:
    Girl, don't let it get to you, soon you will just be able to enjoy others purchases vicariously and not get on the "new goodie" cycle. There is so much to choose from, this site makes me take more time to decide what I want next. Cause face it, there will ALWAYS be something NEXT!:angel: