DARN! Just heard about the Foley & Corinna sale...

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  1. So jealous NYC gets the best sales.wish I was going
  2. wha? sample sale? where?
  3. When????
  4. NYC near the Foley and Corinna store, lower east side. It was today 11/16 and tomorrow 11/17.if anyone goes I would pay extra for a mini city tote (in any color except black)- they were talking about the ss on MUA and said these were $75....faints

  5. whats is ss on MUA??? im lost with that i might head out to check out the sale
  6. omg. $75!? SO GOING - is it at their store?
  7. It ends tomorrow, but if anyone goes today, remember to report back!! We'd all love to hear what's there.
  8. I am osting from the line at 12:23. There are about 15 people in front of me. Will update when I get insidei
    From where I stand outside, I see lots of purses.
  9. I just called and they confirmed they are having a sample sale and then they hung up on me!
  10. just left the sale. Apparently yesterday was the VIP day and that's why bags were so cheap. Mini totes are $160
  11. Just left as well (if anyone was there, I was the topless girl in the back trying on all the dresses). I was carrying around a blue mini city for the longest time, but ended up putting it back. I have too many bags...
  12. I want one in olive, I guess no phone orders?
  13. the blue mini city bags were 160; there was a brown patch work mini for 185; there were also larger city bags in blue & one stained white one that kept getting p/u & put back; there were glazed jet setters & white lady duffle bags; also other bags that I can't remember the names of; lots of bags around $199
  14. daniela127- I saw you there! haha. I didn't think twice about it though, quarters were tight. I didn't buy anything. I only wanted a bag and didn't care for anything that was left.
  15. Daniels, I think I saw you there and I think you were in line ahead of me to get in. I was there with my husband and i was trying to convince him to come in with me. I failed, but he was a great sport and waited in the car for me.