Darn it

  1. I actually wasted my 2,000th post on some silly monkey business. :mad:

    Here's to 2,000 more to come. :biguns: :graucho:
  2. Woohoo! :yahoo: Congrats! Where's the emoticon with the champagne?

    You're the most on toast, Vlad! :king:
  3. Way to go!!!:roflmfao:
    I can't wait for my 2,000 post heck my 1,000!!!!:graucho:

  4. :flowers: :roflmfao: Oh well !!!
  5. Mr :king: of PF,

    Happy 2000th Post! And here's to no more monkey business!! ;)
  6. Happy 2000th!
  7. wooohooo 2000th... hahah i cant even get to 200
  8. Wow! 2000 posts, awesome!!
  9. Congrats! Now you will remember though where you made you 2000th post. I can't remember what mine was at all.
  10. Way hey! Good on ya...:flowers: :roflmfao:

    2000 posts eh....Hey, i thought it was women who talked alot....:graucho: ;)
  11. Congrats, Vlad! Rock on :rochard:
  12. Congrats !!!we should have champagne / martini emoticons
  13. Vlad!!! You changed your awesome animated avatar. Bring it back! If not you must tell me where you got it from, I love it.
  14. You'll make it to 3,000 in no time and hopefully you won't have to waste any more posts on short bus drivers either :shame: :P
  15. congrats on the 2000th post =D