darn it!!

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  1. Im selling my papillon on eBay and it has 22 hours left but its only at like 102.00 :sad: I hope i get more than that for it!
  2. Did you set a reserve?
  3. It will probably go up- Most eBay LV shoppers watch an item for a while before placing a bid. Do you have alot of watchers?
  4. I have 21 watchers
  5. If you have 21 watchers it will definately go up. Good luck.
  6. aw good luck!
  7. thanks i hope so! I need a new lv
  8. I think you will, people usually start bidding at the last minute!!
  9. you should be ok b/c it's 21 watchers, and many eBay buyers use snipper software which don't kick in til like the last 3 to 10 seconds before auction ends. my listing only have 7 watchers and one got the nerve to submit Best Offer of 25 bucks for a 200+ brand new LV :lecture: :mad:
  10. well thanks! I really want a new small lv mc so we'll see what happens