darn it! I'm going to california next week and

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  1. i don't live in the bay anymore but i do recommend blowfish. i ate at their SF location and it was GOOOOOD! :yes:
  2. Funny how people have different experiences. I've always had superb service from all the SAs at Stanford. That said, the Valley Fair store is so close to Santana Row that it makes it a nice destination. :smile:
  3. I am going to Valley Fair to go shopping next week! I love Valley Fair there are so many different shops there and if I remember correctly the LV there is pritty big, bigger than the one here in Denver. I am so excited to be going home for the holidays! Thats if I can get out of this blizzard we are having in Denver :sad:
  4. I love Valley Fair LV too! The SA's are all very friendly. And as far as restaurants in Santana Row... my vote also goes to Blowfish. :rolleyes:
  5. OK, last restaurants

    The Grill on the Alley is really good.

    La Fondue...but you might be able to get reservations...not my favorite honestly, but others seem to love it.

    Fast, but decent, on the go, sonoma chicken coop.
  6. We've got a foodie in the group!
  7. Have fun at the LV boutique and show us pictures of your new LV when you get back!!
  8. Have a great time in SJ! And if you happen to be shopping at LV?!?!:confused1: Lots of pics of your goodies modelled!:P
  9. Enjoy and bring us great pics...(darn~I haven't been to a BIG mail for like 2 years?)
  10. have fun!!

    i havent been to valleyfair in ages :sad:
  11. Very cool! Sac is my home town. :smile:
  12. I have never tried La Fondue, but The Melting Pot is fabulous!!
  13. hope you love california!!!!! its so pretty here right now!