darn it! I'm going to california next week and

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  1. There's no louis vuitton in san jose. I dont think my husband is going to want to drive all the way in san francisco :sad: does anyone know where in san jose i can find louis vuitton?:sad:
  2. Valley Fair is Santa Clara, but that's right there
  3. Valley Fair is a great mall, funny because half of it is San Jose and half is Santa Clara. LV happens to be on the Santa Clara side.

    Where are you staying?
  4. OH yay so my husband says he knows where that mall is so instead of ordering my bag off let-trade I get to go to the lv store and buy one. eeee omg im so excited. I've never actually been in a lv boutique
  5. Yeah Congrats! There is a Tiffanys in that mall too....and across the street is Santa Row, where there is Gucci,Tods, Burberry.
  6. If you want any restaurant reccomendations or sight seeing stuff let me know. :smile:

    I love my home town ;)
  7. twinkle, you're the best lol!!
  8. hey I think i've been to that mall last year, but that was before i was into louis vuitton so i didnt really pay attention lol!!
  9. Have fun latinamodel and enjoy your first boutique experience!:flowers:
  10. Have fun! I might end up going to NorCal this Christmas, too (Sacramento).
  11. Mary has this area down! LOL. :lol:
  12. Valley Fair is my preferred shopping destination. I like it better than SF. Have fun and tell us if you buy anything! : )
  13. I'm always up for restaurant recommendations even though I live there too :roflmfao: Tell me yours!
  14. :yes: i agree....
  15. I actually prefer shopping in SF :nuts: I have a hard time finding Nanette Lepore clothing at Valley Fair...but there's tons to choose from in SF!