Darn it! I succumbed to the Light! Perle Limelight

  1. Could not get it out of my mind. Such a weakling I am.....:yes:
    Here are pics. Was debating with the copper but :heart: the perle.



  2. This is awesome!!
  3. Do not say darn it...REJOICE!!! CELEBRATE!!! lol I love this bag!! I should have mine next week! Its so pretty, darn it!
  4. Congrats!!! I love this bag!
  5. Congrats!!It's stunning and especially in Perle.
  6. I love the sheen and texture! It looks great!
  7. SO HOT! Love it!
  8. yay! it's beautiful! congrats!
  9. swoooon! Your pictures make it look so beautful!
    Waiting for mine is killing me!

    CONGRATS!!!!!! How are you going to use it?
  10. Lol, I agree with Sunshine! The Limelight is such a stunner, how can you resist? You can't not buy it! :graucho: Congrats!
  11. Gorgeous bag! :tender: My favourite from all the a/w collection. CONGRATS!
  12. It IS nice! I love it! Congratulations!
  13. Congrats!! I'm still waitin on mine... *sigh :sad:
  14. love it! congrats
  15. awsome buy, it looks amazing