Darn it!! Assistance? :)

  1. I was soooo annoyed!!! :wtf: I didn't think that there was any possible way to get to Hermes within the next three days, but I did some creative maneuvering and managed to get there for 30 minutes today, and it was closed!!! The Hermes is in South Park Mall, and at 6:10pm (the mall closes at 9pm) it was locked up with no one in sight!! Is it normal for it to close earlier than other shops? (newbie question? lol) There was no info on the South Park website closing times (or on the door).

    Also, I added an agenda (unsure of color) to the list of twillys and pocket squares and LV stuffs I plan on getting :smile: But since I couldn't get into the store to examine items (never been before ;_; though I saw the twillys from the door and was :drool:) I'm going to be miss impatient XD Does anyone have any good recommendations for nice accessories/items for under $800? :smile: Something useful, but other than scarves :heart: Thank you in advance for any help! :heart:
  2. My experience with high end stores is that they close early no matter where they are. They generally don't stay open as long as other stores. My boutique closes at like 6 I think. I would call before going in the future so you know they'll be open.
  3. Usually, all stores in a mall close at the same time. Nationwide (probably even worldwide), the Hermes stores are taking inventory and preparing for their sales.
  4. Sales? O_o They have sales? O_O lol such a newbie XD I'm used to the LV idea of no sales! How are their sales? I'm very curious! :yes:
  5. Most Hermes stores close at 6pm I know that the store in Manhasset Long Island closses at 7 and that's only because they are not corporate. They are also opened on Sundays. As per Las Vegas I hear they close very late 12 midnight, I dunno if that is really correct but several girls here mentioned this.