Darn it. Am I too picky?

  1. Well, got my zoe clutch and absolutely love it. BUT, there are a couple of teeny spots and a small (less than dime-sized) "shadow" on the leather under the flap, as well as a mark under the turnlock that looks almost like a hair/faint pen line, but it's in the leather. Now they're not major imperfections - they wouldn't even show up in pics AND the "shadow" and other mark can't be seen when the flap is closed - but they're driving me nuts!

    I want to take it back and ask them to exchange it (which is annoying since it's not available in any store, so I will have to wait another week or more to get a new one), but I don't want to seem ridiculous. However, I want it to be, well, perfect.

    Soooo.....am I being too picky? Would you exchange it? This may be greedy, but would you try and see if they'd do faster shipping for free? I don't really care about that last one, but certainly wouldn't mind speeding up the waiting process for this.
  2. It's bothering you, send it back!!!! When "WE" purchase Coach, we expect and pay for perfection. See what would happen if you tell them that you were planning to use Zoe for an soon upcoming special occassion, maybe they will expedite the exchange or offer you a percentage off for your "inconvenience".
  3. I agree, you need to be super happy with your purchase, you paid for quality and you deserve it.
  4. Paying as much for these things as we all do, if we aren't happy for whatever reason, we should be able to exchange it. And Coach has excellent service so it shouldn't be any problem at all.

    I know when I got my Ali Flap in the store, the first bag they pulled out had a lot of scratches on it, and wrinkles in the leather. I asked them to bring out another one because I didn't want that stuff on my bag. They did. :smile:
  5. when i had to exchange a defective wristlet, they offered expedited shipping for free because the item wasn't in the store. i dont' think it's greedy to ask for that at all, but wouldn't be surprised if it was offered to you.
  6. Thanks for all the opinions. I think I'm being reasonable, but it's nice to know that others feel the same way.

    I'll try to get to the store sometime this weekend - I'll keep you posted on the shipping :smile:
  7. you're absolutely being reasonable. if you keep this one, you'll never be happy with it.
  8. i'm the kind of girl that needs to have it from the back, and in unwrapped condition!

    i'm a perfectionist. i don't know how people could just walk up to a display, pick up the bag, and say 'i want this one' not one from the back, but they one they were holding in their hand!
  9. Send it back... most of the time, when something like that bothers you, it will always bother you.. Get one in primo condition, at least then you will know where all of its beauty marks come from.

    I don't mind pre-loved items, it adds character to the item; but if I buy something full price from a retail store... its really gotta be tip top shape... I don't want to look down and go, if only "this" wasn't there...
  10. I'm the same way. I don't mind used things, in fact I tend to prefer them if it will give me a great discount, but if I am paying full price for something, it had better be perfect when I hand the money over.
  11. i agree..send it back and i'm sure coach wil make it right
    otherwise you'll be kicking yourself later on.
  12. I agree with everyone.. if it is bothering you than go and exhange it for another one. If it bothers you now it will bother you more later
  13. I agree with everyone. Send it back. You deserve to be totally satisfied with your purchase!
  14. I turned away the gold Zoes because they had surface scratches. I found a good one at Lancaster.
  15. I definitely am returning it. Unfortunately, my daughter is sick (again - I swear they should just start calling preschool "petri" school since it's just a breeding ground for illnesses!), so I will have to wait until tomorrow to do so. I even showed my dh and he agrees that I should take it back.

    I really wish that this was being carried in stores so I could inspect it before I get it. I hope this doesn't wind up happening again with the new one they send me!

    Thanks for making me feel better about being such a perfectionist!