Darn - I received my jumbo caviar flap and don't like the new caviar.

  1. Hi Ladies,

    What are your thoughts on the new caviar?
    I thought I'd really splurge and get a black jumbo flap before the price goes up

    But I'm not liking the new caviar as much as the old caviar:s

    This was a charge/ send purchase, so I didn't see the bag before I bought it and I also thought I would be charge 2250.00 - but instead I was charged 2395.00.
    The bag also seems to have some slight scratches on it:sad:
    I don't think the newer caviar will be as durable.

    What do you guys think?
    I'll talk to my s/a tomorrow.

    I really appreciate being able to ask you wonderful Chanel ladies your thoughts and input
    Thank you.
  2. I guess you'll have to return or exchange it for another bag you love more. Don't keep anything you don't love.
  3. thanks Jayne - do you think the old caviar is long gone?
  4. I prefer the old caviar, too. Good luck finding one ... I'm sure there's one hidden in a back room!
  5. Awww, I'm sorry you're not happy. :sad: When I bought my black Jumbo a while back (actually I had to exchange mine because of a strap issue), I saw the "new" black caviar IRL, and I didn't like its matte appearance... I found a "new" caviar Jumbo, and I'm sure you can too!! :heart: :tup: Talk to your SA and tell him/her what you're specifically looking for leather wise, and I'm sure you'll have your Jumbo soon!! :tup:
  6. ask the SA's to hunt around for the old caviar for you or maybe exchange it for something that you love instead.
  7. I just received my black jumbo classic from NM yesterday and I don't like it either. It looks like a cheap replica. I bet I have to return it.
  8. Pias - are you going to exchange it for something else?
  9. May I ask what is the difference between "old" and "new" caviar? If I bought my black caviar jumbo in March 2007, is it considered as old caviar? Thanks!
  10. the one I received is softer than my other caviar bags.
    It has a duller finish too.
    It also has (and I just received it) some marks / scratches likes fingernail marks on the inside of the flap :sad:
  11. never keep something you dont like. if your goin to spend that kind of money...make sure you wont regret buyin it. good luck on your next purchase
  12. Your totally right Inguyen...
    I guess in my mind I pictured myself being totally thrilled.
  13. Lady china doll, I'll refund it.
  14. wow, i don't know that the old and new caviar are different..
    i have an old caviar and love it

    can u show us pics comparison of the old and new?

    and i really think u shoudl return it !
  15. It has scratches? Definitely return it.

    I'm not sure what the old caviar was like so I can't compare my jumbos caviars to the old. Don't have that scratching problem with mine though. Good luck!