darn..double darn

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  1. I found out I dislike my new Poppy Ombre Hobo...but since I used it for like 2 days I cant return it, so now I am stuck with a bag i dont like...*sigh* just venting ladies & gents
  2. I would like to remind everyone to please read the forum rules. Thanks!
  3. ^^Got it...

    OP, I feel your pain. I've been there before.

    What exactly don't you like about it? The style? The color?
  4. I am sorry about that you need to weigh your options.. getting stuck with a bag you do not like is aweful.. If you have a good relationship with your SA you should took to them about it...
  5. I had to order it online because we are stationed in Japan. I dont like how slouchy it is. Its really pretty, I guess i will try to make it grow on me. And I am confused on how i broke forum rules
  6. Baglady39 was just advicing the group that if anyone talks about buying and selling on the site will brake the rules.

    I know you did not but the issue can go there due the subject matter of the tread.. If you would have broken the rules they would have closed it..

    I am sorry about your Issue. why dont you call Cs and explain the issue you never know maybe they can help..
  7. I think I will try to call CS, maybe if I cry they will make an exception haha! Sorry, I wasnt trying to sell it, just venting :smile:
  8. If CS can't help, is there someone you know who would like the bag? Maybe you can give it as a "slightly used" gift? Not for a birthday or anything, but I've just given my sister and mom a few bags that I was no longer using, and they appreciated it. Some people may think it's tacky, though. I dunno what you think... Good luck with CS!
  9. It is not tacky to give a bag you do not use to some who would love it and it is a really good and loving option Kells..
  10. my step moms sister loved it when i showed her the pic, maybe i will pay it forward haha
  11. ^^Aww, thanks Coach Addict :flowers:
  12. I'm sure that they wont allow her to return a bag she used because it was too slouchy. It's called a hobo, so why wouldn't the OP think it wouldn't slouch? That's what hobos do.
  13. yeah, call CS and ask if they could take it back. If not, paying it forward is a good option and a great present!
  14. Its the way it hangs, its hard to explain. I am just not happy with the bag. I know what a hobo is..
  15. Yeah, maybe someone you know would love this bag! You could try CS but I'm not banking on that.

    Good luck, sorry you don't like her. I know how it is. I loved the Inlaid Peyton, but after trying her at home, it just wasn't me. And $400 is alot for a bag that I don't totally love.