Darn Darn Darn! &^&**%%$#%^^

  1. So those of you that have been following (and helping me) with my wallet dilemma know that today was d-day. I was excited (understatement) to get my BV wallet today FINALLY!

    So I cruise into Saks today and they don't have any of the styles or colors that I want. I don't know if they were sold out due to the gift card event or what - but man I was so freaking bummed. I can't even tell you. Then I tried Saks online - so dice there either. They have wallets - but not the color that I want (black) in the style I want....

    I may end up purchasing from BV online tonight. I'm just so upset. I'm sorry to complain - but I really had my heart set on a wallet today.

    (If anyone knows of anywhere else in/around D.C. that carried BV wallets, please let me know! As far as I know NM has bags - but no wallets...)

    *sigh* :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. Ohhh, I know how that goes. Dang. You'll find one, Beaux. It wrecks the whole anticipation and build-up when you find you can't take one home.:heart:
  3. Hi Beauxgoris,

    I saw the same wallet at NM Tysons Galleria. I just called them and it is still there at $490. Their phone # is 703-761-1600

  4. Hang in there, you'll get it soon.
  5. ^^OOooo - Belen thank you! Was it the zip around or the continential? I am calling tomorrow morning!! I was hoping (at Saks) to see them both in person to weigh it out. I love the classic look of the continential - but I also love the idea of using the zip around as a clutch...

    Excitement building again!
  6. It's the continental. I did not see the zip around wallet when I went there last week. Hope you get your wallet soon and be sure to post pics.
  7. ^^So I called Tyson's. They only have the continental - she said she'd call me when the zip model arrives (I really wanted to compare them in person.)

    So then I talked to a personal shopper at Saks - she said that there was not ONE BV black wallet (all around zip model) in ANY Saks store, but that they would call me when the next one appeared. I guess it's the most popular model right now. I'm guess because it can also be used as a clutch (as I was thinking of using it)...?

    I'll keep updating!

  8. Try Bloomingdales; I saw a zip one yesterday in Chestnut Hill MA in the lighter brown. Plus they are doing their Private Sales next Tues - Thurs and at least yesterday the SA said they would do 15% off on Bottega.
  9. ^^Really? What do you need to qualify for their private sale?
  10. I'm not sure because I have a Bloomies charge and use it whenever I'm in the store. There's a thread about the sale in Deals and Steals.
  11. Work it...get that wallet girl!
  12. Hey beauxgoris, soz to hear of ya disappointment. Been away for a week, so have been missing out on all the action around here.

    Any update on your wallet?
  13. ^^Yes, I have news! I ended up ordering the continential wallet (the one that snaps) last week. It should be here today or tomorrow. When it arrives i'd love it if other BV experts could authenticate it for me (before I cut the tag off) - since I found it on bluefly. I'm really excited and hope that I love it!
  14. :wlae: CONGRATS! Hope u love it!!!
  15. Can't wait to see it, Beaux. You certainly worked hard for this wallet--it had better be authentic or Bfly is in big trouble!!:graucho: