Darkwhite reissue 226

  1. I have called several NM's and Chanels across the country and am getting conflicting info about this color in the reissue. Most Chanels have said the reissue will not be coming out in the darkwhite. One boutique in Boston said she will get some in 2-4 weeks. Now I don't know whether to believe her - I don't mind waiting, but I hate to get my hopes up then she calls and says "so sorry - my mistake - not gonna happen for you". I'm soooooooooo confused - really want the 226 in darkwhite. Has anyone seen this bag anywhere - telephone # please.
  2. No, but call Stephanie at the Madison Street store (NYC) , she will know for sure.
  3. Thanks I'll call her now.
  4. I'm hopeful to get mine, but I'm not holding my breath. I have sales associates at both Chanel and at Neiman Marcus on the look out. I have one on order, but I won't believe it until I see it.

    My friend is expecting a darkwhite 227 today. When (if?) she gets it I'll be sure to post pictures.
  5. I'm on the waiting list for the 226 in the dark white with my SA. She said it should be arriving by the end of August.
  6. My SA at NM said she can not get one, for sure. So I called the Madison Ave store, Stephanie was not there. Some other SA said there was no one in handbags and gave me a 800 # to Chanel. I called there and she could only tell me the Chanel item # of the 226 in dark white but told me that Saks sells them. She gave me a 800 # to Saks catalog. Saks catalog could not help me because I did not have the Saks SKU #. She gave me the # to Saks somewhere in NY. Well, after all these phone calls (while I'm supposed to be working), some *****y woman at Saks tells me very hurriedly that she has been sold out for a year. I asked if she was getting any more in, and she repeated "WE HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT FOR A YEAR!" She took my name and said she would research - I'm not holding my breath for her return phone call. What's a woman to do? Why doesn't anyone seem to know what's going on? All I want to do is buy a handbag!!!!!!!!!
  7. Can't make any promises... But call Branden at the Chanel on 57th in NYC. His number is (212) 355 5050. He seemed to be very knowledgeable and he's really nice and helpful. Hopefully he can get you some information and put you on a list or something if the bag is actually being produced.

    Good luck!
  8. Branden can't help wicked. He's been actively checking the system for me for about a month waiting for a darkwhite 226 to pop up somewhere and none have shown up so far. His store only ordered the darkwhite in 228 - which is HUGE!
  9. ^^Too bad about Branden. What about trying the Chanel boutique in Nordstrom? They're really nice there. It's the Seattle Flagship store that only carries Chanel. Their number is (206) 628-2111.
  10. When I was trying to get a grey reissue last year, the NJ chanel boutique got it for me from the Hawaii store. If it's like LV, Hawaii is not in the same "system" as the US and often has stuff not available here.
  11. Actually Chanel CAN check the Hawaii stock and so far no darkwhite 226's anywhere.:shrugs:
  12. Stephanie has always been very helpful, so do try to call her again. Her store usually gets all the models. If she's not in, leave her your number, she is always prompt at calling back.
  13. if you don't mind trying canada, I know vancouver chanel store has one in dark white (my SA said it's a medium?? I'm not sure about sizing though) as of late last week. I haven't had time to go in and check it out; but I bet they are happy to help you over the phone.
  14. Thanks everyone for all your help. I'm going to call Stephanie in NY, Nordstrom in Seattle and Vancouver today.
  15. Please keep us posted. I'm also dying to get my darkwhite 226. Like I said, I have one on order but I won't be happy until it's in my hot little hands.