Darkened/Warmed Handles: color, condition, and comments

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Handle condition: Is it an issue for you when buying?

  1. Yes, I'm turned off by bags that have darkened handles, won't buy 'em

  2. No, the leather of the body is what counts. If it's lovely, I'm sold!

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  1. I've been wondering this for a while. I've been looking on eBay for a lilac or turquoise city, but a couple times I've been held off by the darkness of the handles.

    But I noticed a LOT of people have no problem whatsoever w/ handles that are darker, and maybe I've been influenced, because as time passes I've started to feel like this is becoming less of a concern for me too... :yes:

    I'm wondering how you guys feel? It it a major concern for you in buying bags? Why or why not? :flowers:
  2. I would not like it. But, I tend not to like light colors--I like the deeper colors, so it's probably less of an issue. Still, I was distressed to see how much Bordeaux could darken in that other thread.
  3. For example...

    This bag's got gorgeous leather, would the handles bother you?

  4. For the above bag, the handles are not that bad. In my experience darkened handles photograph worse than they actually are IRL. You really do have to see it up close, and the 3D nature of bags masks it somewhat. But, I would greatly prefer immaculate handles, who wouldn't? I think the above bag would look a lot better IRL
  5. I don't think it's a problem because when you look at old speedys their handles are darker too... I think it just shows how much the bag has been loved.
  6. I'd pass on it. I don't like darkened handles. My rouge Twiggy is just starting to show signs of darkening and I'm thinking about what I can do to prevent it.
  7. bugger i clicked the wrong one!!!!! :shame:

    handle conditions DONT bother me!!!! its all about the actual bag! :smile:
  8. Agree! :yes: The handles wouldn't bother me that much because what everyone is looking at when they pass by will just be the body of the bag. :smile: I doubt that they'll take my bag and look up-close... unless it's THE b-bag from e-bay awhile ago that was chewed up by the doggie *HORROR*
  9. Unless they are black and gritty, I dont mind.
  10. ^

    Yeah I saw a seafoam on eBay once w/ black handles, but that's rare. I don't even know how it would get that dark...

    Thanks for the answers ladies :smile: Interesting! it seems 50/50 at this point
  11. hmm. always an issue for me.. thats why i always end up with darker color bags. i think it would bother me.. when i hesitate and loose an auction on a bag with darker handles, i think " oh well, those handles would have driven me crazy". but then again, i love the older leather so so much. maybe i will just stick to black and dark colors where it does not show. somehow its just different on an LV bag.
  12. I think it really depends, if it's the color & style I've been dreaming about, and the leather on the body is beautiful, and the price is good, I'll be more than willing to overlook the handle issue. Unless of course, it's extremely in contrast (i.e. white bag with dirty black handles)
  13. It depends how dark they are, how much I love the bag, how hard it is to get, and how much of a 'discount' it is offered.

    :smile: Slightly darkened handles don't bother me (like that seafoam) dark handles that really show or are brown do!

    eta: it especially doesn't bother me if the color has 'warmed' up all the way around :smile: it just adds to the vintage look!
  14. Personally, I wouldn't buy, couldn't use a bag with darkened handles, but that's just me.
  15. I see your point cougess...

    Now I'm starting to wonder what that darkening is, exactly?

    Does anybody know much about leather?

    Is it a natural "patina"-ing (like LVs)? Dust? Or dirt getting caught in the grain of the leather?