Dark/Wine Red Patent Leather Betty NMLC $644

  1. Emmeline from NMLC Maimi just called to let me know she has a dark wine red patent betty with the chain shoulder strap on pre-sale for $644 down from $1840.

    Give her a call if you are interested at:305-591-1101 ext. 2116 and ask for Emmeline

    it measure 15 W X 9 H which I would think is the medium size!
  2. Wow great deal. I have seen this bag IRL and it's gorgeous! Hope someone gets her!
  3. If I already didn't have TWO gorgeous chain handled Betties I would consider it. It is a fabulous color and that is a terrific price. SOMEBODY buy it!
  4. Oh mona danya...you are tempting me sooo!
    Divnanata is right on...SOMEBODY buy this baby so it's not me :smile:

    Post pics so we can drool!!!!
  5. :woot:
  6. I wonder if this is the model that was at our NM STL store for like EVER since it was full retail the whole time? Then it finally goes on the 'sale table', but unfortunately it still sat around. Sale table folds up and all the purses are gone???? I mean it might have sold but somehow I think not.

    This color purse really spoke to me, so rich and unusal. A deep burgandy red with an earthy feel, then combined with the distressed patent leather, you really have a gem. I already owned the brown choco patent so it would have been foolish to purchase this Chloe Betty (too similar). If you wear alot of black, teals, sapphire blues, emerald greens then this is the purse for you.

    At this price, oy!!!!!!!!!
  7. ^I know Susie. I guess if you wait long enough you can find anything at a price? I just don't want THREE chain handled Betties.And the chocolate patent is just too versatile.
  8. I called today and it's still there. I'm so tempted but I just cheated on Chloe and have a Jimmy Choo mahala on the way. This is torture! Can anyone say if this bag is heavier than the paddington? I already have a red dior gaucho - please talk me out of this!
  9. I am trying to talk myself out of it....This bag has a chain, so it proabbly will not sit too comfortably on the shoulder. Since it is a chain, it probably is heavier than a paddy. I am not a "chain" bag person.....etc, etc, etc...But...the red patent leather is fab and the price is irrisistible!
  10. Oooh th mahala! I wanted one of those. What color did you get??
  11. I got the black mahala with gunmetal accents. I know black isn't as exciting as the other colors but if I'm going to spend that kind of money it has to be a bag I will use alot! I caved with the Saks EGC event and got the SA to ship to my mom's address so I didn't have any sales tax.

    I talked myself out of it - I just priced my plane ticket for Christmas in New York and it's the same price as the bag.

    Congrats if anyone gets it!

  12. You won't believe this but I think my Choco Chain Handled Betty is my favorite Chloe purse "looks" wise. I'd say it's as heavy as my Paddy Tall Shopper? As a matter of fact I was wearing my Choco Betty today and I actually like this purse as a cold weather bag as oppose to a Summer one. Wearing a jacket allows the bag to sit nicely on my shoulder and somehow I do not notice the weight as oppose to a bare arm balancing the chain handle.

    Hope this helps.
  13. It's a very 'rock and roll' bag. More comfortable than a Paddy as far as I'm concerned but looks are way more important to me than comfort. Killer style and killer color in the red. I just can't go there. My credit card will explode!!!
  14. oooh did anyone get it?!?! The color is just TDF!!! Man this forum is just waaaaay too bad for my addiction!!!!
  15. I know it sold but not sure to whom!