Dark White Reissues

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  1. Just got a call from the Chanel boutique in Boston. I had called last July to inquire about the dark white reissues. She just called Wed, 2/14 to say they just came in. Ask for Rose.
  2. What size?
  3. Hey Lib, are you getting one? What size, and do you have any pics of it?

    I have to say your SA was good to call you since you asked about it back in July.

    BTW, did you ever post your pics of the last 3 you bought? I don't remember seeing them.

    Thanks for the info on the reissues.
  4. I found mine last July in Toronto - dk white 226. I did not ask Rose what sizes she had but evidently she received several sizes.
  5. hi lib,
    do you have a SA you would recommend for toronto?
  6. I have forgotten the SA's name in Toronto - she was the manager though and so very helpful. I won't be buying from Canada any more if I can help it because of the customs charges. Of course even having to pay customs - this bag was so worth it.