Dark White Jumbo w/New Chain Available

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  1. at NM Dallas Downtown. Call Meagan at 214-741-6911. She also has the pink flap w/ gold or silver chain.
  2. Nice, what size is the pink?
  3. ^ all sizes but the jumbo in pink.
  4. Savannah, is it the bubblegum pink or darker? Thanks.
  5. I think it's the light pink, she said it's the color of pepto.
  6. I thought so, thanks. NM seems to have this color in several stores. I'm looking for the darker pink that a few of the pfers have.
  7. savannah, is the dark white jumbo a classic flap with cc closure, or more like a hybrid of the reissue? thanks.
  8. ^ i think it's the classic with the cc closure, she said it doesn't have the double flap, so i'm guess it's not the reissue. i will check w/her tomorrow.
  9. hi, do you have any pics for reference??
  10. Do you know how much for the pink medium classic flap? Is it the bijoux chain?
  11. Borrowed this from CindyYZ

  12. I would love that bag in black or red! I can't find it anywhere though. :cry: