Dark white/ivory jumbo or ivory hybrid flap at Saks?

  1. Did Saks order the dark white/ivory caviar jumbo or ivory hybrid flap (the one pictured on Rachel Bilson)? If so, please let me know which Saks you've seen it at. Thanks so much!
  2. Saks has the medium dark white hybrid. I could be wrong, but I don't think they ordered the white in jumbo. I saw one at Saks in Atlanta a few weeks ago.
  3. For white Jumbo, just call Cherry at 805-884-5257 (Saks Santa Barbara)..
    For white Hybrid, NM in Chicago has it in large size while CC boutique in Chicago has it in small size.
  4. Saks did not order the dark white jumbo with new chain, only NM did
  5. saks has the distress caviar hybrid white flap just like rachel's bag. call or contact Damian at saks PA. good luck.
  6. Thanks for posting Meeju! Rang Cherry but they don't have the white Jumbo anymore:sad:.

    Ladies, are there still any in caviar around? Preferably Saks so I can use my gift cards? TIA!:heart:
  7. Sorry - I don't know about Saks but there is ONE dark white caviar with the bijoux chain available at NM Tampa Bay - 800-388-5646, ask for Lyndsey!
  8. Thanks shop_princess! Will give her a call. I rang the Chanel 1800 number and apparently the Chanel boutiques have sold out of the jumbo caviar in white. Too bad. Hope Lyndsey can pull through for me. :smile:
  9. i'm sure she will. give her a call - i'm pretty sure she has it, based on our conversation on sunday. I hope you get it! : )