Dark-Wash Denim... keeping them dark?

  1. Hi all!

    I don't usually post in this sub-forum, but I'm looking for some tips...

    Where I work is fairly casual, so denim is acceptable, but ever since watching "What not to Wear," I've been obsessed with dark-washed denim, in skirts and in jeans..... they ARE slimming, and way more age appropriate, and I love to pair them with cute tops, flats, heels, or boots... :tup:

    I turn them inside out to wash... but does anyone have any other advice on how to keep them from fading too quickly?

  2. I use Woolite Dark Laundry...it works great because, like you, I'm obsessed with keeping them dark!

    WOOLITE® Dark Laundry

    [​IMG]Don't let the excitement of your favorite jeans or top fade over time. WOOLITE® Dark Laundry Fabric Wash is specially formulated to help maintain the life of your dark and black clothes. The Dark Care formula won't cause fading, so it's perfect for washing your favorite little black dress or your slimming dark colored pants. Go ahead, wash your darkest clothes right in the machine with confidence.

    I don't dry my dark wash jeans in the dryer. I lay them flat, smooth out the wrinkles and let them air dry. Then, while they're still inside out, I iron them.
  3. SAME! Woolite dark laundry! I wash all my jeans and dark clothes using it. I turn my jeans inside out, put them individually into lingerie wash bags, and then wash them in cold water. Afterwards, I NEVER dry them in the dryer--always hang them up to dry or lay flat. It really works.
  4. oooh! I think I have to try the Woolite too! I usually wash them inside out in cold water then I also dry them flat. My darks denim has been staying pretty dark.
  5. I take all my jeans to the dry cleaners. So far the color has changed a bit.
  6. Another vote for woolite + laying them flat to dry. And if you don't use woolite, stay away from powder detergent and use liquid instead.
  7. Learned something new. (woolite dark)....but also try washing your jeans inside out.
  8. These are the two most important things: COLD water and air drying. Any heat (hot water, dryer) will make them fade. Also try to wash them as little as possible; it helps them stay darker.

    Be careful wearing them with white tops/shoes/bags though. Sometimes they dye can bleed onto other stuff if you don't wash it out first. I have a pair that I've been wearing for a year, but they've never been exposed to heat, and they always turn my hands blue :push:
  9. I have been using woolite for years to do my whites and darks, and has helped maintained their color. I wash everything in cold and gentle cycle and I air dry all my clothes too to keep their shape and color. I also use dark woolite to wash all my colored towels and rugs (my burgundy towels and rugs still look great after 4 years of use:tup:)
  10. When I bought a pair of dark wash jeans from Nordstrom, I needed them to be shortened. The alterations woman told me that to keep them dark I should wash them using 1/2 gallon of vinegar in the wash machine. The vinegar sets the color. Then she said to make sure to wash them in cold water. Works for me. My jeans look new.
  11. Thanks ladies! I had never heard of woolite dark, but I will certainly pick up a bottle next time I'm at the market. :tup:

    And the vinegar trick sounds neat.... i remember someone mentioning that as a way to set the color on my bikinis a long time ago....

    Thanks for all the help!
  12. I second Woolite! It works wonders!
  13. ^ ITA! (Ooooh... I've got to try the Woolite Dark Laundry!) Not drying them in the dryer also preserves elasticity so your denim doesnt eventually appear all stretched out after one wearing.
  14. vinegar is good for keeping clothings color.
  15. That is key imho. Sometimes we have to "forget" about how we clean other clothes when we are talking dark denim. In my experience with the proper rotation of jeans you can go a long time between washings. I'll leave out the exact length to protect my reputation as being very clean. :angel: