Dark Violet Oversize Muse

  1. Is this bag from the current collection? I really want a Muse!!!!! Still , I am very anal about things and would be very unhappy if the stiching would come apart.
  2. Yes, YSL is offering several bags in dark violet this season, including the Muse and the Downtown. You can check them out on YSL.com.

    As for the stitching "problem," I really think that's been overblown, and I've owned my Muse for about eight or nine months now.
  3. I would love a muse. I held a fake one for a day because I thougt it was an original and returned it back to the consignment shop as they also thought they have gotten the real deal from the owner, which they also suspect was scammed originally. It was a great fake and now I am hooked and want to own the real deal. I am on a budget but I know that there is no way around the price so would you guys tell me more nice things about the purse and suggestions on how to acquire one, from where and how to save up for it? Too much to ask. Sorry if this is hard!!:nuts:
  4. Nordstrom Mall of America is receiving the violet muse if you're interested.
  5. I saw the dark violet Muse last night at NM in patent & it was GORGEOUS!
  6. Cool, I didn't know if NM was carrying them. Where did you see it?
  7. i have a muse the oversized one and i have been looking at the stiching because a lot of members on here were saying the stiching would come out but i have not had that problem and used it (not everyday) for about 4 months already.
  8. love dark violet :smile:
  9. It is lovely!
  10. I realized that I mis-spoke earlier.. dah... it was the dark violet Downtown bag I saw at NM in Northbrook.IL. Sorry about that! They had quite a few YSL... Muses, including the mus-tardy medium in patent (it looks Really Gorgeous) loads of Downtown & Rive Gauche.
  11. love it!