Dark spots on the Damier Cancas after 4 years?!

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  1. I am very sad because I found some dark ugly spots on the bottom and on the sides on my Damier Neverfull.She is 4 years old and I wore it a lot but is this normal? Can I do something against it?
    The edges could be normal after usage,right? Anyone who has the same problems?
    image-1903291451.jpg image-3314464583.jpg image-70728821.jpg
  2. Very normal. This happens to any canvas - the print chips with time. It doesn't look that bad - do you put your bag on the floor a lot?
  3. That's look bad.
    Have you tried clean it with baby wipes or damp cloths ?
  4. Wow, I've never seen something like that!
  5. The print is getting rub off some how... I have never seen it that bad.. Maybe you should show LV.. You never know what they will do for you!
  6. Not normal wear. Did you buy this at LV?
  7. Oh whoa! It looks pretty bad, no offense. I'm sure LV will call it normal wear and tear. Personally I'd sell it and buy a new[er] one from the boutique or eBay. The bottom looks like it's been on harsh surfaces alot.
  8. That is what the corners of my NF look like although not as bad. It is corner rub and the DE print has rubbed off. Mine is more of a chocolate brown color yours looks black. Do you have pictures that show the whole bag? Something is a little off.
  9. Wow that's really bad. Mine is almost four years d and doesn't look like that at all
    image-2966588918.jpg image-785217184.jpg
  10. Try using baby wipes.....I use on my canvas all the time to remove dirt, jean color, and stuff
  11. Doesn't look right...

    I would bring it to LV
  12. Looks like a chemical splash or color transfer ! Does not look normal take it to LV !
  13. yes i bought it in the LV store. I think i wouldn't get any money for her on eBay :sad:
  14. Yes you would! People seriously buy anything on ebay! What does the rest of the bag look like? If you have the tags, dustbag and receipt you can get more.