Dark Spots on my white patent downtown-help!

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  1. Hi ladies
    Just moved and noticed dark spots all over my white patent downtown. I want to cry. Any suggestions? Help! Neela
  2. #2 Aug 11, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2008
    sorry to hear that. try using milk on it. i think it says on my (june) glamour magazine that you can use milk to clean patent. im not really sure if it will work though coz i havent tried it.
  3. The curse of white patent! Take it to a leather place. Most spots wont come out of patent, but maybe you will get lucky and they have not bled through yet...
  4. ahhhh!!!
    mine too!
    I just got dark spots on my WHITE patent bag, and I don't know how to get them out!!
    I need help too!
  5. oh no, that is awful...take them to a leather place...maybe they have special cleaning stuff?
  6. Thanks guys. It is so frustrating. If anyone knows a good way to get them out please let me know. No more white patent for me. Too sad.
  7. Ladies, May I ask how did your bag get strains/spots? I've a white patent but it's still unused.

    For a leather place, you should try http://www.lovinmybags.com/shop.html
    They offer excellent spa service and most ladies from Balenciaga forum use them.