Dark Silver-- Trendy Or Classic?

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  1. Is The Dark Silver A Trendy Color? Does It Go With Everything?
  2. I sadly think it is, but I also have the belief that some ladies here with great style will still be wearing that bag for years to come and working it into newer trends.
  3. Definately trendy!
  4. It could be trendy but it can definitely go with almost everything:smile:
  5. it's more like trendy but it's easy to match but i'm not sure along the way, the concern will be the leather may fade~~
  6. Trendy, but I would still love one :p
  7. I don't know. As an evening bag, especially in the smaller sizes, I think it could be a classic. Silver for evenings has been around forever. And it's not that blingy.
  8. IMO,all the reissue colors so far I know are classic, they are chic,not trendy. Unless Karl would do some crazy ones in the future.
  9. Since it's being re-released since 2 seasons I'd say a classic :yes:
  10. Out of all the metallic reissue colors that are coming out i think that this is the most classic. It really does go w/ everything.
  11. this is what i am scared off as well... i am actually scared that not only silver but the metallics reissues ss08 are just a trend instead of classics...
    what do u guys think? can u imagine in the next 10 yeas you will be carrying the purple metallic reissue? or silver ones? i can imagine that with the black, navy and red, but not the other colors... *stressed*
  12. I say trendy. But trendy is not bad at all! Fashion is so cyclical... what is in will be out tomorrow but back in next week.

  13. Black, dark silver and red wld be classics even in 100 years' time, in my opinion.
    I agree that this silver is so dark and not bling plus yes, silver for evening glam has been a staple for eons..:love:
  14. trendy and not a fan.
  15. it's more trendy to me