Dark Silver Reissue Wallet

  1. For many of you who are lusting over clk55girl's dark silver reissue wallet.. THEY HAVE ONE AT Nordstrom SEATTLE! I just ordered mine in metallic black! :nuts:
  2. Oh wow you did not waste any time. Ok how much? Can you PM me the number.


  3. May I ask how much? What size? Would you think it can fit in a 225?

  4. I think she said $635 or $645. I think it's the same size as the large classic flap wallet, it should be like any other checkbook wallet. The funny thing is, I don't even have a reissue, LOL! But I think it might be a little too tight for a 225. You could try to ask if they carry smaller sizes?
  5. wow i cant wait to see what it looks like!!
  6. could someone please clarify the price diff? CLK55girl posted that her wallet was about 800+?? TIA
  7. Thanks Sammix. I think I better wait for my 225 arrives before I make any decision. I wish there's a smaller size wallet that will match my dark silver. ;)
  8. There are two sizes. The larger one is about $850. the smaller one is about $650.
  9. Okay so I had a little mess up myself, thinking that I ordered the same wallet Jenn did, but it's a little different.. It looks like the dark silver wallet on the bottom, and when you open it up, the cc slots are on the left, and a zippered pocket on the right, with no snap closure. These two wallets are very similar, but the price differs by $240! You could get an extra cc holder! Although Jenn's is super cute, the one I got is pretty much the same but better for the bank account. :smile:
  10. sammix, do you have pic of your wallet??? :tup: thanks!!!

  11. So trying to picture the other style may still be difficult.. but basically it's the bottom wallet in the first pic(has no snap closure), and the interior looks like pic two but in black I believe.

    **Took the pix from babylovermika and sophia618



    I'm on the phone with the SA right now.. she said she'll e-mail me some pix of the wallet so til then these will have to do.. but I'll definitely post those pix once I get them! :biggrin:
  12. Alright everyone, my SA has finally sent me pix so everything can be cleared up! Here it is!
  13. does anyone have info on the dark silver wallet at the very top--it seems to look like Jenn's checkbook wallet but smaller?