Dark Silver Reissue Vs. Gold

  2. The dark silver seems less "blingy" to me. Something I could wear during the day AND night.
  3. dark silver is a better neutral and can be worn w/ most anything.
  4. i'm more of a silver than gold person to begin with so i naturally lean toward the silver.

    having said that, i am completely in :heart: with the "white metallic" which is a light gold.
  5. For most people, it seems they tend to go with the color that they tend to wear in jewelry. I wear silver, so I bought the dark silver. I do have a friend who wears gold and she went for the gold reissue. I don't know if it holds true for everyone. I do think the dark silver is definitely more versatile than the gold, but that is just because I am thinking about my own wardrobe.
  6. I think the dark silver seems less "dressy" so that I can wear it dressed up or down. I'm going to wear mine with jeans and with dresses both. I also tend to wear white jewelry. I love love love mine. I do think it's just personal preference though.
  7. its more elegant... and has more understatment.... its evening wear.. but still very very classy ... the gold is "look at me- i am here":smile:
  8. It also seems less in your face.
  9. I think its a softer look.
  10. The 2008 gold reissue is so much nicer than last year's . The dark silver for lacks attitude .... but never the less it's still a great bag.
  11. I like both colors, personally. But if I had to choose, I'd prefer the dark silver because as the others have said, it's more versatile.

    It's easier to dress up or down, and IMO it's a tad easier to match vs. the gold, since it's not a true tin-foil-ish silver, and more muted.

    Either way, they're both great colors. -but I'm just into glitzy flashhh :p