Dark Silver Reissue Or Wait For Something Else?

  1. another decision brings more stress. would you buy the dark silver/225 size or pass for something else you may see upcoming??
  2. If you really like it, I would say go for it. If not, then there will always be something better in the future.

    I have the DS 226 from 07 and I love it. It can match lots of clothes without any problem at all.
  3. It depends on how much you love the dark silver and how well it works with your wardrobe. The fact that you question whether it's something you should purchase, I gather you're not totally in love with it. My personal opinion is to begin with basic colors and then branch out. I agree with happymm that the '07 ds goes well with a lot of colors, and that there are non-metallic flaps arriving in May. I have no experience with the '08 dk but it has a different hue than the '07.
  4. Do you like the Dark Silver at all? If yes, you may want to get it first but don't use it yet!!! If something else comes up, you can always return the Dark Silver :smile: