Dark Silver Reissue or Classic Flap???


Which bag is more timeless and classic, but also hot and edgy?

  1. Dark silver reissue hands-down!

  2. Dark silver classic flap - no question!

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I currently have the dark silver reissue 225, but have been intrigued by the dark silver classic flap in the e/w or medium sizes. :graucho: I've been debating which of the two is more timeless and classic, but also hot and edgy at the same time...but can't seem to decide! :shrugs: It seems many more PFers own the reissue than the classic flap, which may be my answer right there, but I thought I'd pose the question anyways!

    TIA!!! :flowers:
  2. Hey girl! :smile: Ohhhh, it's funny you should mention this! :nuts: I remember seeing the dark silver classic flap at NM, and thought to myself, if I didn't already have the dark silver reissue, I would get it! :nuts: :love: I really love that the dark silver reissue is more of a chameleon color (it can even function as my "go with brown stuff bag" hehe), and to me, the reissue design is classic, edgy in the sense that it isn't recognizably "Chanel" by people who aren't in the know, and hot because the color is hot haha. :p

    Also, in the long run, I'd be a little worried about the classic flap, because who knows how it will hold up in terms of the crinkled/glittery type effect (since it is the first flap Chanel has put out with this treatment), although I'm sure it will be fine. :smile: I do love the cool chain on this classic flap though, hmm. :heart: Sooo... if it were me, I'd probably keep the reissue, but it's a given that you'd look hot with either one girl!!! ;)
  3. hey shar!;) i voted flap as i think it is a tad different.....love it! :love:
    you can't go wrong with either though--both stunning:yes:-- good luck!
  4. ohh i love both!! definitely keep the reissue. Its classy and edgy at the same time since it is metallic silver! the classic flap is also one of my loves! i was debating but i thought i probably would get sick of the shimmery.
    thats me though! good luck and let us know how you decide =)
  5. Hi Sharon! Although both bags are gorgeous, I'd have to say the DS reissue hands down! It's so stunning and goes w/everything.
  6. I love the DS Reissue so I think you should go with that one.
  7. Get the dark silver E/W or classic flap if you can :tup:, in addition to your dark silver reissue.
    I believe it is a very nice evening bag because of its shimmering coating.
    In fact, I am going to use my dark silver E/W for my upcoming Christmas party. :p
  8. Sharon,
    You know I love both styles, but I will have to say reissue:tup:
  9. Hi Shar!well although I love the reissue in that case I would keep the classic cause I love its texture and especially the gorgeous chains!
  10. i love both, but really really love the reissue!! xx
  11. Love both, and wish to get both..
  12. Ooooooo, thanks for all your comments and voting ladies!!! :heart: As I had predicted, the DS reissue is winning by quite the landslide...I suppose I should just keep what I have and be happy with it! ;)

    Minal - OMG, great minds clearly think alike! I've been using the ds reissue with my brown outfits too, and it totally works. I guess the ds flap couldn't really go with brown...good point! :yes: And thanks for addressing all the characteristics I was wondering about...you rock! Btw, seeing as you are the flap queen and all, I'm surprised that you don't own both...LOL! ;)

    Mick - You have awesome taste, so now you have me a tad worried I'm making the wrong decision...LOL...thanks for voting honestly!!! :flowers:

    *pure_honey - I actually worry sometimes I'll get sick of the chameleon like, metallic colour of the ds reissue and just wish it was one colour, like the classic flap, which is why I started thinking about this whole dilemma in the first place. Am I making any sense?? LOL.

    Jenn - I am loving your newly revamped collection! If you have a ds reissue in your collection, it must be a must-have!!! :nuts:

    fice16 - Would love to see modelling pics of you and your ds flap! :yes: ;)
  13. I actually owed both at one point, and ended up choosing the classic flap over the reissue. I love the treated leather, the shimmer, the totally totally cool chain!, and the fact that it is true silver color! I think "dark silver" is completely mis-named for the reissue. It really should be in the "metallic bronze" family. If you like metallics, you can definitely have both in your collection, 1 for when you wear silver and coolor colors, and 1 for when you wear warmer colors in the brown/bronze/gold family.

    Me, most of my bags have silver hardware, so I prefer the DS classic flap.
  14. I love the reissue design, but the classic flap is just too old and blah for me...
  15. I love both but i wuld still vote for the DS reissue.....i love mine in MB dearly~~