Dark silver reissue...are they in?

  1. Is anyone else on the waiting list for the dark silver reissue? If so, have you received calls for the dark silver reissue bc I haven't received any calls... but I know a PFer has just bought one recently. I hope the SAs haven't forgotten about me...

    If anyone has heard anything, please post here. :tup: (TIA!)
  2. I haven't gotten a call yet either - and I think I was 2nd on the list at my local NM for the dark silver. I did get a call from a Chanel boutique for the black metallic though, so maybe the dark silver is coming in later? Or maybe NM is just receiving their shipments later than the Chanel boutiques. I'll update this thread as soon as I hear anything!
  3. when i called one of the chanel boutique the day before, they alrdy have the dark silver reissue... but can't remember which size (think it's 227).
  4. My NM SA thought mid to late August for both the Dark Silver and the Black Metallic....
  5. i got a call from a chanel boutique for the 227 dark silver yesterday, but i think i'm going to pass because i wanted 226. (sa mistakenly thought the one she had was 226, i think.)
  6. i think the chanel boutiques are beginning to receive the 227 dark silver and metallic blacks. but i didn't see them on the shelf when i popped in yesterday so most likely they went to people on the waitlist. you should call around and make sure.
  7. asked a friend to put me on the waitlist and she has not gotten any calls yet...
  8. I believe the light silver stocks are in and dark silver is to follow between Sept and Nov for the UK
  9. I got a call yesterday from the Chanel boutique on Madison about the dark silver 227. I passed in favor of the black.
  10. I got a call 2 days ago for dark silver reissue size 226 and received it today!! so i think they are coming soon
  11. i got my call today for the 227. I'll be picking it up today! :yahoo:
  12. im waiting for it at Nordies Seattle...
  13. i got a call today for dark silver 2.25:yes:
  14. I wasn't on the wait list, but I passed on one last week. They have them in stock at Chanel 57th St - NYC.
  15. Has anyone gotten one in San Francisco/Bay Area yet? :nuts: