Dark Silver Reissue.....Am I mad?????????

  1. I finally got the call from my SA in the UK that my Dark Silver reissue in 226 is here!!! I even manged to talk my DH round after he had a hissy fit that I had bought too many Chanels. I took him along to the Chanel boutique yesterday (in the pouring rain). The SA took out my bag and when I looked at it I just didn't feel the love. You know when you first see a bag you instantly get a rush of excitement as you imagine wearing it, I waited for it to come but it just didn't. Don't get me wrong the bag was lovely but definately an evening bag IMO and I just felt I wouldn't use it enough to justify the £1195 price tag. Am I mad for passing up on this bag, I'm still not sure if I will regret passing this up, especially as it is such a highly coveted bag on this forum!!!

    What was surprising though was the SA said that despite the extremely long waiting list quite a few customers had passed on this bag when they saw it IRL which is why the bag was in the display case to sell to customers who came into the boutique.
  2. i have the Dark silver reissue i am not sure what size but i got it last fall and it is pretty large, and i have worn it approximately 1 time, but i love it. I know for me personally if i think i made a mistake it will eat away at me and make me ccrazy, if your not feeling ALOT of regret then you made the right decision by not getting it. IT really doesnt matter what everyone else thinks of it when your the one spending lets of money on it
  3. I am sure the dark silver will be gone in 1 day on display...

    Of course u should buy something u really love, there's nothing wrong to pass on the dark silver 226! But i really love dark silver reissue, i have a 225.
  4. If you didn't feel it, you made the right choice. That has happened to me too before.
  5. you're not crazy for passing it up. some people like the color/style combo more than others. it's still a matter of preference when it comes down to purchasing time. we might have overhyped the bag on the forum too so you might have been anticipating a lot more and when it didn't suit you the anticipation hit a low. no worries! lots of other bags to gush over! :tup:
  6. Thanks, guys you are of course absolutely right. I am now done with just collecting bags, I want to start using them (to death!) and limit my purchases. Maybe a nice silver classic flap will come out in the future that I will like more than the reissue.
  7. I think you did the right thing! If your heart didn't skip a beat, then no point spending that much $ on it.

    For me personally, however, I'm easily influenced by stuff like the weather. If it was pouring rain out, I wouldn't be in a mood to want something blingy either! LOL. I'd want to buy something that would withstand the rain, therefore dark caviar! LOL. Are you sure the wet weather wasn't a factor?
  8. Maybe OC girl, I think the main thing was that I needed more time with the bag but there were 3 SA's staring at me the whole time (the rain kind of put the other customers off so I was the only one in there!). In the end the man who was serving me said "What exactly is it that you don't like about this bag???". Mmmnn I thought apart from the price (I didn't tell him that!) I just couldn't quite put my finger on it. In the end I just said I need more time to think about it and then left. That was when he told me about other customers who had waitlisted doing the same thing. Sometimes it is hard to just plonk down that amount of money on a whim and as we all agree Chanel is getting way tooo pricey these days to warrant buying more than 1 or 2 per season. Unfortunately unlike the US if you buy Chanel here you can only exchange for a credit note or another bag within 14 days, you can't get your money back!!! So taking it home with me and then deciding wasn't an option.
  9. I think you did the right thing. And I think Chanel (and others) will see a lot more of reactions like yours given the amount of money we are being asked to spend on these bags.

    I find myself doing a pulse check before I actually lay down the plastic to buy a handbag these days. No impulse buying here...I have to feel the love from moment one!

    Congratulations..you are an inspiration. Something else will come along that will make your heart race.
  10. Sounds like you followed your gut and make the right decision for you! Personally I don't like the silver (light or dark) in photos. I can understand how you might have liked it in photos but wasn't blown away IRL.

    GOOD for you!
  11. i think u did the right thing too! it happened to me with the baby cabas. i waited and waited to get the new large size, but when it came, it was so big and clunky and i didn't like it at all! so i just ended up selling it on eBay...hopefully to a new owner that will love it way more than me!
  12. I think you did the right thing also....after all you are buying the bag for you...not for us ladies here on tpf and what we think about a bag..... a bag can be over hyped to death but it is worth nothing - if it doesn't work for you or tug at your heart...good call on your part!!!:yes:
  13. I agree that you've been very sensible following your heart and head!! There'll be other bags you'll jump for when you see them :smile:.

    In the days when Stam's were really hard to find I was waitlisted for one on NAP for months. When it was sent to me, I hated the fact that it 1) didn't fit over my shoulder 2) wasn't as slouchy as I'd imagined and 3) the chain rattled and made a huge noise.

    bag was so popular NAP took it back even though I'd removed the tags,but I knew I'd done the right thing!!

    Did you hate the baby cabas or the large cabas? I am waitlisted for the baby,but if it's huge and clunky...:push:
  14. Thank you ladies, I'm feeling better about letting it go today, I'm sure we've all passed over one much hyped about bag in our lifetime.