Dark Silver Reissue 225 or Bubble Quilt bowler?

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  1. Hi all Chanel Lovers,

    Could I have your opinion on this pls? I just got the 225 dark silver and 226 metallic black reissue and both are shipping to me. But i just found out i like the bubble quilt bowler as well...

    I definitely can't get all 3 at the same time, so should I
    1) give up the 225 dark silver and buy the bubble quilt bowler or
    2) should I just keep both reissues and forget about the bubble quilt?

    My main concern for choice 1 is that the bubble quilt bowler doesn't seem to last for more than one season and might soon look outdated, and i still haven't a chance to see it IRL, so don't know if it really looks as good as in the pics. And for choice 2, I'm having 2 bags in the same style, and I have a little concern that the 225 size might be a bit small, although I'm only 5'2" tall... :confused1:

    If I were to get the bubble quilt, should I get the dark beige or dark white? Which one is more easy to go with different colours?

    The following link shows the pics for the bubble quilt bowler

  2. I woul forget the bubble quilt and keep the reissues.
  3. Tough decision. I have the light silver and metallic black in 226 size and love them both. I have seen the bubble quilt bowler IRL and it is TDF. If it came in black I would have a problem! I guess I vote for the bubble quilt bowler and the black metallic. Think you will get the most use out of these two bags.
  4. Hmmm...I'm thinking I would pass on the 225 reissue and get one 226 reissue and one BQ bag if I wanted to build a diverse collection. For the BQ I would get it in dark beige. The BQ is so puffy that I think the darker color helps tone it down a bit. But if I were to build a more timeless collection I would probably not get the BQ bowler. I'm not sure I'd get 2 metallic reissues though, even if in different sizes, from the same season (unless you are really concerned about the price hike). There are too many other styles to collect! Just my 2 cents...
  5. I just got the bubble quilt bowler in khaki and am wondering the very same thing, will it be in style next year?? I know the reissues will be and so there is no question there, but the bowler is pricey and will i love it a year from now? i just posted pics of it in the refernce thread, it is stunning and the leather is TDF. I think the khaki color is so unusual so i think i am keeping her but i have not yet decided what to sell of since i also bought a brown caviar GST the SAME DAY!!! tough call, i don't love the silver reissues, so i'd keep the back and get the quilted bubble bag.....i love unique colored or textured bags that you don't see everone carrying! good luck
    IMG_0005.JPG IMG_0011.JPG
  6. i'd keep the reissues...
  7. reissue
  8. thanks all for your comments!:yes:

    Seems both options have their own supporter, maybe i really need to try and find the bubble quilt bowler IRL and try it on first before making any decision...

    And I'm thinking of ldldb's opinion, should I keep two reissues from the same season? seems the dark silver colour might not last long either...
  9. keep the reissues..
  10. I think I would keep the reissues.
  11. I adore the reissues (and flaps in general), so I'd keep them as well. :smile:
  12. Altho' I will not be getting a Reissue for some reasons, my vote in your situation would still be to go for the Reissue. I am one for timeless classic. Good luck in whatever decisions you make, you'll never be wrong - it's a CHANEL after all!
  13. thanks all for your comment, that's so sweet of you!

    I'll think about it again when i received the two reissues!
  14. dark silver reissue and bubble quilt.
  15. definitely the black reissue, timeless classic works harder for your money :smile: