Dark silver or just silver?

  1. I just bought to beautiful TDF 2.55 Reissue from the flagship. MY SA says that this is the dark silver. Later I spoke to another SA who blurted that there is no dark silver or light silver this season, only "silver". I'm confused. Can ladies with the dark silver tell me if this is wrong? Does this look like the dark silver to you? I took the picture in natural bright light, so I hope the color is true.

  2. Hmm TammyD, I don't want to mislead you but could you take pics away from natural light? My first impression is dark silver. Because the light silver is very aluminium foil-like esp in bright lights.
  3. Based on the hardware though, and what looks to be a brighter silver to me, yours looks like the light silver reissue. :smile:
  4. Going by the slight bronze tone, I would say Dark Silver.....
    I totally agree that the Silver is very true Silver with no undertone.
    I love the Dark Silver!
    I thought they were only re-releasing the Dark Silvers and the new Black Metallics.:
    It is hard to tell with the lighting. I don't know that they ever reproduce exactly the same, just to keep everyone happy! Except for the Classics. The new Modern Chain is shiny Caviar leather now with polished metal, expandable is different leather, a bigger stitch and not distressed metal. They re-release, but not the same! Which is very awesome actually..... You hate to be on the other side of getting it first and then they make more, ugh!!!
    Your Bag is Beautiful! Nice Choice!!!
  5. Well, I think it looks like light silver more. My dark silver never looks like this under any circumstances.
  6. Thanks ladies! I'll try and take a picture of it indoors with a flash later tonight. It has a bronze undertone, and isn't white silver, if that helps? But it doesn't look as dark as yours, FieryFashionista. I hope I'm not imagining things. Doesn't say anywhere on the box.

  7. if it has bronze undertones then it's definitely the dark silver. light silver is a true white silver color. and your SA is wrong. they re-released both dark and light silver reissues.
  8. i prefer the light silver.
  9. me too!
  10. From that picture alone, I'd say light silver. HOWEVER, it's so hard to get Chanel bags true to color so it could very well be the dark silver for all I know. I'd prob have to see it IRL to judge for myself. Either way it's a gorgeous bag!
  11. it should be a light sliver..........
    what's the colour code?? u better ask the sa about it
  12. On the tag the color for dark silver is 45004. The code for my dark silver is A30226Y04373. color 45004
  13. fiery, thank you for posting a link to the dark and light silver reissues side by side, they really are very different bags. I'm on the list for a dark silver and can't wait to get one.
  14. i jsut got the light silver and yours looks exactly the same. so i am going to go with light silver. the darker silver is more of a pewter color.