Dark Silver on Ebay (PersonalShoppers)

  1. It's above retail, but, you can't even get this at retail... I have this exact size, it's beautiful... I hope someone grabs it!! :smile:

  2. Yeah I know it's above retail, but a few ladies have been looking so I figured I would post this link. It will go soon!!!!
  3. It's nice of you to post (though maybe this can be moved to the shopping forum - mods)? :smile: I was just saying it's above retail, but considering the fact that you cannot find it and it's a collector's type bag now, it could be worth it for the right person. :smile:

  4. What was the retail price? TIA.
  5. It's beautiful!!!
  6. i love this color!!
  7. Retail price on the 226 (as pictured) is $2195, 227 is $2375. The bag paris is holding is a different one, it's the LIGHT silver reissue in the 225 size, which is $1995
  8. I know it is a beauty!!