Dark Silver Metallic Reissue in 226 - help??

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  1. OK i know EVERYONE seems to be after one of these but here in Australia it doesnt look like they have ordered any (or so i have been told). So, can somebody please help and tell me how I go about waitlisting for one of them. I really dont want to have to ring stores as it is hard with the time difference and would ultimately prefer to email the SA. Can anyone please advise me of stores that i can waitlist on and provide the SA email address or any useful email address for that matter.
    Any help much appreciated. Thanks

    (PS: I am NOT here to undertake a business transaction online)
  2. Anyone????
  3. tayls there was a thread about SAs a few days ago and as far as I know the store or boutique Chanelboy works for can ship internationally.Hope it helps I\m located in Europe and I can't be of much help!:sad:
  4. Thanks Chanelspell. I will look at the other threads. From memory i thought all of Chanelboys reissues had been pre-sold so havent contacted him.

    We only have two Chanel boutiques in Australia and they are the only stores you can get bags from and they are not ordering any metallics. It is a real bummer as we do not get the same choice as the US here :sad:
  5. Chanel boutique Boston is still accepting waitlist as of last week.. but I think the number has reached 7 or 8 for a shipment of 4 or 5. But there is no harm trying=)
  6. Thanks Pinkcrazy.