Dark Silver luxe Bowler or Bronze luxe Bowler??

  1. What do everyone think of a dark silver bowler or bronze bowler? which one matches any outfits easily? and still looks great ALL the time...
    I'm talking about the luxe bowler not the flap one.;)

    I love my dark silver reissue by the way!!:roflmfao:
    CHANELds.jpg bronze01.jpg
  2. I'm loving the bronze!
  3. actually, most importantly which one is more durable and the colour won't fake quickly like the gold and silver ones. The bronze one seems to have gold CC logo and hardware, wonder if the colour on those metal will fake over time.:shrugs:
  4. Hmm, that's a tough one. As far as the hardware goes, I think the silver would be a safer bet because I don't think it has a coating on it like the bronze does.
  5. but dark silver looks a bit vintage old to me. .. i mean like an old bag..do u think?
  6. love the silver!:drool:
  7. Love the bronze.
  8. Silver, here.
  9. Dark Silver!!!
  10. love both, but will pick the bronze for you bc you mentioned you have a dark silver reissue....
  11. I love silver. The color of the hardware on the bronze wouldn't match any of my jewelry.
  12. oh so many different votes!! my dark silver reissue is actually metallic dark silver.. a bit different from the dark silver bowler's colour...
    clk55girl is right, maybe the coating will fake over time for the bronze.....
  13. bronze
  14. dark silver!