Dark silver dilemma

  1. Sooo, I had been put on a waitlist for the 226 dark silver reissue this fall but then I saw this bag IRL at Saks a couple weeks ago at a trunk show and was drawn to the CC logo closure as well as the classic old chain.

    However, the color is def different than the dark silver reissue and the leather is somewhat more coarse...was told it was some metallicized lambskin?

    Which would you girls pick the dark silver reissue in 226 or this in a medium classic flap size?

  2. dark silver reissue... this bag looks really really weird to me. it looks like a sidewalk made into a bag.
  3. dark silver reissue.:yes:
  4. reissue for sure.
  5. yahhh---i had also been concerned with this scraping off...it just felt a tad bit rough...and I know in the past people had problems with metallic bags rubbing off or peeling...and this one seemed like the likely candidate for that happening =X
  6. I would pick this bag over dark silver reissue. I have seen and tried this bag on, the leather feels coarse, but not cheap looking. I like the chain with leather in it,plus on the side of the chain, there is engraving pattern which looks soo chic. Inside leather is smoky gray leather which is not easily scratched off. My sister has cruise dark silver reissue, inside the leather has scratches cause she put her car keys and lip gloss tube in it and that cause some damage. Over all, I think this is more special compare to reissue. JMHO.:p
  7. I like this design more than reissue but not the color.
  8. i prefer the dark silver reissue
  9. I like everything on this bag esp the chains!:drool:
  10. I have the same dilemma. I prefer the cc closure and chain but absolutely love the color of the reissue. I saw this classic bag in person and it is also gorgeous. So really, I can't be of any help.
  11. This bag ROCKS!!!I'm loving it, if I get a chance,i'll buy it.:drool:
  12. I actually tried this bag on at NM, and was surprised... the pictures online made me think I would hate it haha, but they don't really do the bag any justice... IRL, it's smoky dark grey metallic textured bag with a pretty sheen to it. However, that being said, I would choose the dark silver reissue... I have it and love it... the color is so complex and beautiful, and I love the reissue chains. :smile: Good luck deciding, and post pics when you do decide!
  13. to me, this bag is more funky and edgy - the reissue is more chic
  14. dark silver reissue cory!
  15. I don't find this bag pretty, the reissue gets my vote.