Dark Silver Coco Cabas

  1. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America currently has two dark silver Coco Cabas handbags. This is the same bag from the Cruise collection, what you lovely ladies refer to as the "Baby Cabas."

    It retails for $1795. I know that our black ones were $1995, but for some reason or another the price has not increased yet on the silver version.
    silver cabas.JPG
  2. Oh that's gorgeous! I know a lot of the ladies were looking for this.
  3. Ooooooo, pretty:nuts:
  4. I'm surprised no one JUMPED on these! But mine is arriving soon! (:
  5. It's gone.......:crybaby:
  6. Yup, both were sold within one hour.
  7. oh wow...hmm is that picture a true representation of the color?

    The dark silver reissues seemed to look really different...
  8. a kind pfer sent me a picture of her dk silver cabas and the colors are simillar. I will post pictures when i receive mine! :p
  9. This color looks similar to my dark silver bowler :smile: I think it's a really pretty neutral that can work well with color... and the Cabas style is great!