Dark silver checkbook wallet **Pics**

  1. Hi ladies!

    Ahh, my SA called yesterday and said that she had a dark silver checkbook wallet on hold for me. I was only going in to "look" at the wallet, but pulled out my cc immediately when I saw it IRL. I only have 1 checkbook wallet, so I figured this would be a great investment. It's every bit as stunning as the dark silver reissue. I also posted a pic of the wallet next to my dark silver 226.

    Click on pics to enlarge




  2. Very pretty. congrats, looks like you could carry it as a clutch, put lip gloss and go. Can you post pics of the inside?
  3. Details NOW!!
    How much was it and are they limited? I really want a new Chanel wallet but the timing is so bad now.

    PLEASE tell me these will be around for a bit:confused1:
  4. Oh Jenn, that is a perfect match! I think it's gorgeous, congrats!
  5. Oh my, you've been busy! LOVE the wallet - checkbook styles are my fav! I think I need one. Price?

    I've also been eyeing that wallet on a chain, the one with the keychain holder.
  6. If I was in your position I would have pulled out my CC too!
    Congrats! Totally gorgeous!
  7. wow i love it! it's sooo gorgeous paired with your dark silver reissue.

    how much was it and do they have it in all the reissue colors??
  8. its so pretty!!! congrats!
  9. love it, so gorgeous. congrats.
  10. Jenn, that's a gorgeous wallet.

  11. OMG gorgeous:nuts::heart::heart:
  12. Wow! That's pretty! Enjoy!
  13. Oooh that's such a pretty wallet! It looks great with your reissue. Enjoy!

    Now I need to go find me one too...
  14. What a beautiful wallet! The Reissue accessories look so pretty.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  15. Jenn, it's a beauty, and looks great with your 226. Congrats!