dark silver chanel bowler

  1. hey guys! jsut wondering if anyone has any idea what the dark silver is going to look like.......i feel like i should continue my quest for a deerskin if the dark silver isnt going to be "dark"...

    if you guys dont mind, on the chanel website the model is holding a luxe flap under the accessories/luxury line...on the first page...and it looks like a dark silver but im not sure if thats just a picture of the older lines...thanks guys...really appreciate it! :P
  2. I believe that's a picture of the old silver but the old silver is very very bright in person.
  3. The dark silver is going to be a light bronzey gold color. I saw a reissue in this color (price tag said "dark silver") - looked great. I'm on the list for one at Chanel.
  4. thannks cougess...do you think its easy to match and carry around? i liked the bowler just cuz i felt like i could go pretty casual or formal with it...do you think the dark silver will be able to do that? thanks!!
  5. ^ If the tag on that bag says "dark silver" then the bowler will/should be the same color according to the chanel SA. Caveat - I've never seen the bowler in this color in person, but I have seen the dark silver reissues and they are gorgeous. One issue will be how the color looks on a large, flat surface - the reissues are quilted.
  6. Yes, I think it will work either way. that's why I like it more than the reissues. ;)
  7. I just saw the dark silver reissue today -- it is beautiful. Depending on the light, it seems to change color. It looked a bit like pewter in the store.