Dark Silver Baby Cabas

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  1. Hi everyone - Please can you give me ur thoughts on the Dark Silver baby cabas... I have a chance to pick one up...what areur thoughts on the colour which is similar to the dark silver version of the cruise re issue 2.55....

  2. I have not seen it in real life yet, but from the pictures of the one on eBay it doesn't look like the same dark silver color as the reissue.
  3. I'd get it, but I really like the cabas.
  4. If its the leather one, its bigger than the cabas members have been posting. I got one yesterday which I may return. Its not as big as the original. It also costs more than the baby cabas - this one cost around $1980?
  5. hi everyone i picked it up! its the baby cabas definitely leather and a vintage kind of silver !! no bright but not dull either - will try and post pics soon!
  6. Oooh, would love to see pics!! Make sure you pose with it too! :yes: Congrats on your new bag!
  7. ps mine cost about 960 pounds sterling - so just under $2000 usd I think?
  8. definitely will - watch this space!
  9. congrats! do show us pics, the one shown on ebay is quite nice!
  10. Ooh cant wait to see pics! Congratulations!:yahoo:
  11. oh congratulations.. cant wait to see the color!!
  12. Omg! Please post some pics of this bag! It sounds gorgeous and I have never seen this colour on the cabas:nuts:
  13. Congrats! :yes:
  14. I just ordered the dark silver cabas from soho. I haven't seen the color yet either. Very excited :yahoo:
  15. Sorry Girls - last night tried to upload the pics i had taken from my phone( i bluetoothed them across to my mac) but the files are too large ? Can anyone advise me how i decrease the size so that i can upload them! Im a bit of a dumbo with IT!